What is a Clarity Coach?

I take time to tune-in and zoom into your life. In so doing, I will ask you a number of questions and will be able to lead the conversation so you gently start to open up and start to discover some amazing insights about yourself which you may not be aware of. 

I will then help you piece together the missing links which have been blocking you from manifesting the type of work, projects and activities which you are passionate about and feel are part of your life's purpose. 


We can have a one-hour internet call, where you can get complete clarity on how you can combine all your skills to create a specific and unique role for yourself which supports people to grow and evolve, adding value to their lives and having a positive effect on the community. 


These sessions are very empowering and uplifting for your heart and soul, will help you to get motivated and inspired about your work and get clarity on exactly what it is you can do and how you can do it. As the meetings continue, I can work with you to create structure and planning so that we actually manifesting content and get things done. 


This service can also be combined with the work that I do to help you transform an offline business, such as a Yoga Teacher, a Mindfulness Coach, or even as a Trainer into an online business, where you offer online courses to your clients.​

Get in contact to have a free 20-minute consultation:


You can book your appointment online via the Aura Facebook page and make your payment here for a one-hour online session: 

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