Helping you to transform your offline business into an online course

If you are struggling with knowing how to transform your offline business into an online business, then I can help you.

I have a lot of patience and am very good at being able to step into your shoes, understand your business and support you step-by-step to overcome your fears and concerns so that you can transform your offline business into a successful online business. I also work in partnership with a number of people who can offer professional support regarding digital marketing to help promote your online course once it has been launched. 


To understand the full scope of the project management work and the technical work which I am able to offer, I recommend that you watch the video below. This is a project I did for one of my most recent clients who chose to set up her own online courses via the #Thinkific global learning platform.

This online course was created for my client 'Belinda The Midlife Mentor'.

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