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Updated: Jan 9

This is a question which I actually hear people ask me a lot!

But I think you will find the answer quite surprising actually. Firstly, when I paint someone's aura, it's important to understand that I am not painting the outer layer, but actually the core inner layer as shown in the diagram below.

The core of your aura is connected to your chakra system. Your chakras are a number of energy points (chakras) inside and outside of your material body. There are 7 major energy points in your body and each one vibrates on a different frequency and has a different colour. The 7 colours are the same as the colours of the rainbow. But there is also a key energy point which is outside your body.

This key energy point is called the EARTH STAR and it's black.

The earth star has been forgotten about and even ignored for a long time in spiritual circles, but I think it's time to shed some light on it once again. In the past, our ancestors would have been a lot more aware of it simply because they connected with the earth by walking barefoot a lot more often then us humans do today.

Yes, this energy point is predominantly related to making an earth connection, to ground your energy. The earth star is every human's link to the earth herself. It hangs out 30 cm below our feet helping us detect that sensation of every movement we make on the ground by connecting to the nerves in our feet.

This energy point aligns you with the magnetic core of the earth and connects you with Mother Gaia which is valuable to ensure the maintenance of good health.

So it's all about 'grounding'. The earth star relates to the very foundation of the core of your being, within everyday life. It relates to your energy levels and is your anchor into the physical world. It is very important for everyone that this energy point is healthy, but it is especially valuable for spiritual people.

If you are using electrical devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets a lot of your time, you are charging your body with unnatural energy. And if you rarely make an earth connection, you will find that your body may easily become ungrounded.

By regularly taking excess you can move the energy down from your head (crown chakra/7th energy point), down to the base of your spine (root chakra / first energy point) and then into the Earth Star and release the energy into Mother Gaia. This may prevent a number of health issues caused by being ungrounded. Also just spending 10 minutes or more a day walking on grass in a park, walking along the beach or earth will help immensely with your grounding.

So the answer is that if your aura is black, then that means you are a very, very grounded person! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! The other thing is that as long as I can remember, I've always said that 'Out of the darkness comes the Light!" This is why I prefer to paint people's auras onto a black T-shirt because all colours come from white light and white light is what I see first when I paint your aura.

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