Ready to Save the Planet? First step is self-love.

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I used to have a very normal corporate office job and was a keen advocate of saving the Planet.

I would diligently recycle everything I used, I started to become a vegetarian and got angry with people who weren't. I learnt about differences between spirituality and religion and got even more angry to know how humanity has been brainwashed and programmed by ruling elites, so I then started reading books like'Conversations with God', 'Celestine Prophecy', 'The Power of Now' and watching the YouTube videos like Zeitgeist Addendum and THRIVE, I got so hooked on it that I even started to preach it to all my friends and family, much to their annoyance. It seemed that I was the only one who cared about all this stuff, everyone else was more interested in what was happening between Ricky and Bianca in East Enders!

But after immersing myself so deep into all this stuff, then came the double whammy! Suddenly out of blue everything turned upside, just like my first memory of being a kid and falling down the stairs head over heels. One day I got a phone call from my father telling me that Mum was dying and I needed to get back to Basingstoke Hospital from Amsterdam as soon as I could. Ever since I left England to set up a new life in Holland, I really missed the love of my family, especially my Mother. So many times I had just wanted to go home and quit, but there was a voice deep within that told me to keep going. Shortly after my mother's passing, when I went back to Amsterdam, I was becoming so downhearted that it wasn't long before my long-term relationship collapsed under the strain. At that point in my life, I felt abandoned and rejected by love.

The reason that it affected me so badly was that I was always looking for love in someone else to support me and get me through the tough times. My lack of self-love got so bad that I ended up losing my job and then losing my home and then I eventually ended up living on the streets. But it was an extreme experience to teach me that the love we seek, comes from within us. And we have to love ourselves fully in order to save our own world before we can even contemplate saving planet Earth! It was a massive wake up call!


But why was I being given such a tough lesson?

Now looking back, I think it was because at some point I elevated my consciousness into that of the Christ Consciousness. I even started to dress like how I thought Jesus looked, my hair grew longer and I started wearing a robe and sandals! And was able to use the power of love to make people feel the love within themselves. From my experience, I firmly believe now that when you think and talk about yourself as being something or someone, then the Universe brings you life experiences, circumstances and situations to test you, so you can see if you really are!

So my belief at that time was that I could save the world, when in fact I was being tested to see if I could save my own world. And to do that I would need to get off my cross.

Feeling totally rejected and unloved, I found myself in the unknown. I had never experienced living on the streets or being at the very bottom of society. I had never experienced the hardship of being homeless and had absolutely no skillset for living life on the edge in constant survival mode and in fear of how I would feed myself and keep myself alive. But out of all that mess, I discovered some amazing insights about myself and discovered new abilities which I would have never known about if I had not been in this situation!

Firstly I decided to paint again and because I couldn't afford to buy brushes I just painted with my fingers. In my canvas painting images started to appear, faces, bodies, it was really quite freaky!

Burning Man (image of a person appeared in the middle of the cross) painted with my fingers

I managed to sell a few paintings and started to work with a group of artists in the infamous Gallery Donkersloot in Amsterdam. And then our rat pack got into a Dutch national newspaper, I felt that I was rising and it wasn't long before I had fallen in love again and moved into a new home. I felt she was the one, it had wedding bells written all over it! During this time I became a certified Reiki Healer, I also attended a Landmark Forum weekend retreat and was working hard on my personal development. I really never wanted to end up on the streets again.

Around this time I realised that it was self-love and rock solid faith that could move mountains.  On my journey, I discovered so much and rapidly evolved my consciousness. The more I became self-aware and how to generate love within myself instead of relying on other people's love, the faster I was able to conquer my fears, worries and doubts and improve my life.

I went deep within myself to really understand the power of love and that in essense we are love! I felt that if I could tap into it and save my own world from falling apart, then I felt certain that I could show other people how to tap into their own love and save their own worlds when faced with really tough life challanges or maybe when they just feel low and depressed. I knew that love was the key, I just had to discover how to unlock the door. That was when I became aware that I had a powerful ability to sense people's energy (auras) that radiates from them.  I could intuitivitly feel their energy and discovered a unique way to paint the love that I felt radiating from them onto a T-shirt that they wear, so that they can see and feel their own love as well!

I did my first public aura painting at the 'All in One' festival in Ruiguard, Amsterdam and shortly afterwards got to paint the beautiful aura of DJ ISIS, one of Holland's most famous techno DJ's.

Aura Painting DJ Isis

But after a few of years, I got really tired of feeling like I was the only one who was growing in my relationship with my girlfriend of the time and even though it was a match made in heaven, it eventually fell apart and I was homeless again. But now at least I had my art to support me and I was starting to love myself. It was then that a good friend invited me to fly out to Ibiza and spend some time with him to help recover from the breakup.

By now I was aware that love was not something which you can only receive from other people, all my spiritual teachings were telling me it was something that I could generate from within me, so I got the next Universal Test to see if I could apply this knowledge to my life?

Because I was new on the island, it was really difficult to sell my artwork. And within a month I was living in a sleeping bag in a forest near Escanar. This was a lot better than living on the streets, I mean I had my own bath (the sea) and my home (a shelter in the forest) and it was warm weather all the time!

So I just decided that each day, I would go down to jetty by the beach and stand their with my paints, tell people my story and ask if they wanted to have their aura painted in return for a donation, then they could. Within a few weeks, they were queuing up!

Because we are love, we naturally vibrate on this frequency, but all too often we are living in states of high stress and fear so we can't feel the love within us. When we meet someone we feel comfortable with and someone we can trust, then we make the mistake of seeing our reflection of love in that person and then think that they are the answer to all our problems. When in fact, all that we need to do is look in the mirror and see the LOVE in ourselves, and that in this vibration of love, we are the answer to all our own problems!! This is what the Aura Painting Experience does for you. It makes you self-aware (conscious) of who/what you really are! And how powerful you really are when you vibrate on the frequency of love!

It took another 5 years of being homeless and room sharing until I was able to purchase my own home near sunny Valencia in Spain. But at that time I was given Universal Test after Universal Test for me to know who I am. I've painted at great festivals like Mandala Camping Festival and Solar Weekend Festival, I am now available to be booked via AirBnB Experiences, I travel around Europe to do private parties and individual sessions, I even got to paint the beautiful aura of Micheal Abspoel the Director of the hit Dutch national television show 'Man Bijt Hond' (Man Bites Dog). And I am now available to give aura painting experiences at the new holistic centre 'Centro Semilla' in Valencia. I've even written my book called 'Get Off Your Cross' - How to transform your burdens into Blessings and this year I launched my first online course 'Aura Awareness Path' where I share my life experiences combined with my understanding of how the aura works and how your chakra system works and why it is important to be aware of this when you want to live your life with purpose. So I like to think that of the thousands of people who have had their aura painting experience, that they have become aware that love is the key and it really does come from within and that when we tap into our own love we can move mountains in our lives.

So before we can save the Planet, first we need to be able to save own world. The Aura Painting Experience helps people to experience what it is like to tap into your own love vibration. Thereafter I give you the keys of how to daily tune into it by yourself so you can keep tapping into your own flow of love and start to experience the miracles. Self-Love encourages and motivates you to overcome your burdens and do great things with your life. It makes you appreciate our planet as a home, it makes you become more compassionate about the life of animals and humans, and you feel grateful for simply being alive. When enough of us love our selves, then we naturally save the Planet and allow her to start healing again.

In 2020, I really want to reach one million people to show them through that through the Aura Painting Experience and the 'Aura Awareness Path' that love does come from within and that with that love, we can move mountains and save the Planet, that we call our home. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this long message, I really appreciate your attention and the love you feel at this moment.

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