Your Aura Painting Experience is a journey of self-discovery.

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

I am delighted to bring your awareness the unique and original Aura Painting Experience I am offering and making available for both men and women.

It helps you to gently open up and consciously create coherence between your loving heart and your powerful mind.

This coherence amplifies the powerful feelings of joy, love, compassion, and gratitude within you, so you can express it out to others in your magical life.

Your Aura Painting Experience is a journey of self-discovery.

One where you become conscious of your Auric Field and how to tap into it and trust what it is communicating with you so that you can better understand your surroundings and the people in it.

And by becoming conscious of your Auric Field, then you become aware of the Quantum Field and how everything is integrated. The more you discover about your self, the more you discover about everything! Being in-tune with your Auric Field and creating coherence between your heart and your mind enriches you with a more loving and joyous life experience, where everything becomes possible.

Playshops for Groups

Playshops for Groups

If you have a small group of friends who would like to celebrate life together, then this is also possible. Prices start from Euro 29 per person.

Private 1-2-1 Aura Painting Experience

Private 1-2-1 Sessions

If you would prefer to have a more private and in-depth session which is focused 100% on you and your soul journey, then I would suggest having a 45 minute 1-2-1 Aura Painting Experience with me.

In these sessions, we can go very deep and pinpoint energetic blocks in your auric field and subconscious programs which are limiting your beliefs of what is possible in your lifetime.

Booking requirements:


General Bookings need to be made at least 48 hours in advance.

I offer private 1-2-1 sessions at Centro Semilla, c/ Sueca 58, Russafa,Valencia.

If you want to make a group booking at Centro Semilla, then I require a minimum of one week's notice.

Contact me on:

Whatsapp 00 34 602.564.973 to discuss your exact requirements.


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