Aura Painting Brings out the Best in You!

"I show you how to feel and see the love within you."


Richart, the Aura Painter

Richart was born in England in 1971, he has spent many years now living in the Netherlands and Spain. He has been on a mission since 2010, painting thousands of beautiful colourful auras onto people T-shirts so they can see and feel the love within themselves. 

Richart travels throughout Europe and is currently based at his home in Valencia. He was homeless for a long period of his life and through this time he discovered the true power of self-love. In 2015, he published his first book on Amazon about this experience and how he overcame the challenges to rebuild his life. His book is called 'Get Off Your Cross'  


Today his book is ranked No.1 in Google out of more than 3 billion search engine results.  'Get Off Your Cross - how to transform burdens into blessings', which is available to purchase on Amazon.

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"Richart is a truly lovable being. I've known him since 2011 while I was living in England. It was funny to think that he was in Ibiza my hometown and I was in England at the very same time and we also did the change of countries at the same time. Isn't that funny? He was living the dream and I was living the nightmare. There was where my journey started and he has been a part of it. He was one of the people who push me and gave me the driving force to get the courage without even realized it, to come back from a little town in England in a Spanish car with my 2 children and a few left bits of a broken home. After that, I met him in Barcelona and a year after I went to his Hapi Zen home near Valencia for an Aura Xperience. I can't thank you enough for the love and respect I received then, a unique experience of self-empowerment and agape love. Since then my life started a new beginning of self-respect and love to me and others.

Love you lots. Dear Richart."

Maria Lopez Fernandez (Spain)


"Having my Aura painted by Richart in his beautiful community Hapi Zen home in Valencia was a very special moment in my life. I had no idea what to expect and was pretty new to spiritual work so I just surrendered to the experience. And it was truly magical! It felt as though Richart connected to me on a very deep level and found little keys and clues about me there, that even I didn't know were there. And then he manifested them on the T-Shirt in the form of a beautiful, profound piece of artwork. Looking at the painting afterwards and talking about it with Rich, all kinds of insights and hidden truths about myself came up. During and after the painting I had a strong sense of how divinely guided Rich's work was, especially when the Heavens blessed us with a beautiful rainbow circle in the sky. A truly special gift from above that Rich has the honour of sharing and I am so happy that he has now received the call to share this blessing with his global family!


Thank you!"

Marie Christin (Germany)

"It was magical to interact with an Artist, who is also a spiritual Soul. A beautiful new and powerful 'Hands-on' experience. I felt enlightened and healed at the same time. Richart is a very positive and gentle teacher. He really uplifted my outlook on life in general. I really felt recognized by the touch, as if his hands fully understood my state of being." 

Michael Abspoel. Director & Voice-Over of dutch hit television series, Man Bites Dog.

"I had seen Richart painting at the 'All is One' summer festival in Amsterdam. I was really intrigued. After I got to know him, and understand how he is trying to help his fellow human beings to open up and live through the heart, I felt I wanted to contribute.."


DJ ISIS, Holland's leading female techno DJ  (NL)

"For me to be touched by art through Richart, was a touch by the Eternal, Unconditional and Universal Love. Gentle and respectful. Having my powerful energy painted by Richart, touched me in all my depth, and brought tears of joy and happiness, as well as the experience of belonging to the wonderful community who are all touched by art."

Han Renting (the Netherlands)

"When Richart Voller painted my aura, it was a truly magical experience! During the session, he took each one of the participants individually through a deep guided meditation & then painted our auras! It was quite an intense experience for me, for several reasons... But, it was when he started painting angel wings on my back that I could not hold my tears any longer. It meant so much to me, more than I can explain with words. I will be forever grateful.

Another thing I would like to point out is that Richard saw my aura as being predominantly green (heart chakra energy) and this was confirmed some months later by another world-renowned spiritual teacher. I can reassure you that Richard's aura paintings are the real deal and what he is able to perceive, around people's electromagnetic fields, is a relevant part of his psychic gifts. What he paints, with his infinite artistic abilities, is the ACTUAL energy, which he is able to see around people's bodies, in its unique forms and colours.

I can guarantee that getting your aura painted by Richard is going to be an unforgettable magical experience for your heart, soul and aura!"

Alice Andretta  (Spain)

"I had a wonderful aura painting experience at Hapi Zen Richard his beautiful home in Spain. I never would think that this would be such an intense experience. Closing my eyes I saw so many colours and it where exactly the same colours Richard painted a beautiful reflection. As well I had visions but be ready for the huge energy you feel inside after the session, you still feel and see the colours and beautiful energy is flowing everywhere through your soul."

Amber van Schendel (France)

"I had the pleasure of creating a beautiful Auri & yogi event with Richart. it was amazing to feel and see what this day did to all of our participants, but also I had the opportunity to experience it myself. when Richart started I felt this warm energy flowing, my eyes shook of all the energy and an enormous smile was there on my face. I can not express. I really would say, have a look at the pictures because they really speak! like walking on air, I felt so peaceful, loved and shining! it is a deeply intense experience. so give yourself this wonderful gift and try it out yourself!"

Chris Vleeschouwers  (Belgium)

"Not only an Aura painting but a whole healing experience too. Richard asked a few questions first, before tuning into my Aura and painting it onto my T-shirt, that I was already wearing. The actual experience lasted about 40 minutes but the peaceful feeling stayed with me for days afterwards and returns every time I wear my Aura T-shirt. Thank you, Richart, I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone."

Belinda M Clarke  (Ibiza)

Creates Aura awareness

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