When you become aware that you are an energetic being who gives off vibes to people, you will start to understand why it's really important to be Aware of your Aura. 


This is why it is more important to trust your intuition or your gut feeling when meeting someone, then trusting what they are saying to you. As energetic beings, we give off vibes which people can pick up and read in order to know the truth about you. I go into this in a lot more detail in my Aura Awareness Path online course. 


As more and more people are making a shift towards becoming more awake or conscious, so people are starting to trust their feelings more, as this helps you to empower yourself. We've all been carrying around too much emotional baggage from our past and it's time we learn how to heal ourselves through self-love. It's also important to learn how to clean your energy and keep it clean so your Aura frequency vibrates on a high vibe. You can even learn how to reprogramme your mind, create a new image, stand up for yourself and put yourself to the test to see if you are really up for the challenge to jump from fate to destiny! And I teach you how you can start to use technology to help make a passive online income that supports your evolution! Yes, you can get off your cross and start to earn a good income from your spiritual work! This is something which I cover in a lot more detail in my new online course on How to become a Love Rebel. 


And if you want to go the extra mile and go into business and make a living from your new found passion and self-belief, then you can register for my new online course 'How to Create Your Own Freedom Lifestyle Business'. This is a very practical online course where you get to learn how to transform your personal vision into a business vision, how to create your business plan, how to transform your mindset into a 'Can Achieve Anything' attitude and how to create coherence between your Mind Brain and your Heat Brain to you always manifest from a place of love. I'll also teach you about free software to get started up and paid software to help get you super organised and efficient so you can boost your profit margins. I'll also guide you on how to live a simpler life so that you can have more freedom, happiness and improve your health so you live a more fulfilled life. 


All these courses help you to become more aware of your Aura and how you can empower yourself in this time of great change to take full advantage of the situation and evolve from it.


Creates Aura awareness

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