Love Being Naked 

Now that I am truly stepping out of my comfort zone and enjoying shining in de light! 

The Love Rebel Series

As 'Richart the Love Rebel', I am consciously striving every day to really enjoy myself and stay in my happy love zone bubbly. 

It seems that this is quite a challenge as there are so many things in our daily life that try to make us feel upset, angry or annoyed. But once you become aware that we are living in a vibrational world, and the only thing that is blocking you from connecting with everything you ever wanted is just a vibrational mismatch, then like me, I started to wake up rapidly, and apply all my knowledge, wisdom and experience to my life to improve and start living the life I really wanted to be living. 

Sharing my Naked Truths

In these ebooks I am talking about things which have troubled my heart and soul for the last 49 years of my life. Now I am having the courage to open up and share with you, so I can heal and start to play and shine in de light once again. I'll be talking about all kinds of taboos, things we're not supposed to be openly admitting too or doing, talking about my experiences which traumatised me for years and stopped me from being my authentic love joy self.  You'll get a peak in a 'day-in-my-life' scenario, with my witty humour and crazy mind flow that's scattered all across the Universe, past, present and future. 

On social media, you only ever get to see a small fraction of my life, a sort of defragmented look into it, very abstract, so I thought it would be cool for you to actually read about a day in my life and experience the wonder, the magic and the adventure I go through, like a child coming alive! It's full of synchronicity that makes your mind boggle.  It's very entertaining, even to me! It's about trusting in the Universe to support you as most of the time I am living in the unknown. But the more I take a leap of faith, the more fun I have. The more I face fears and pass through the illusion, the more I shine in de light.

You can purchase single Volumes for Euro 1.47 via PayPal button. 



When you purchase your copy, I will write a personal message to you (so please give your full name when making the payment and email address).


I will insert it as an extra special page in the ebook, that's why you can only purchase it through my website. All of my energy work is very personal, so I like it that my ebooks are as well. You will need to allow 24 hours maximum between purchasing your ebook and receiving it with your personal message included in it. When making your purchase, please mention which Volumes you wish to receive.

Thank you.


Richart Voller

Creates Aura awareness

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