Free-Spirit aura painting

Painting the unseen energies 

We are surrounded by free-spirits and we can also invite more into our space if we choose. You never know who will turn up though! It's all part of the unknown, but what I am showing through this experience is that they do exist and they are real. 


The Free-Spirit aura painting brings them to life by using paint to show their presence.  

Before I start painting onto the canvas with just my fingers and hands, I do a simple meditation inviting the free-spirits to join in and show themselves through the painting.


The original paintings are made with acrylic and are painted onto a metal canvas. The base colour is always green which symbolises a foundation of love.  The original paintings are approximately 300 cm x 300 cm in size, from these high-res images are taken and use to create high-quality prints. 

How do you get involved? 

I find that this experience works best when there are people watching and being part of this co-creative experience. So I share the experience on my social media pages so you can watch what is happening, give LIKES, COMMENTS and SHARE. The more positive energy that it attracts, the more beautiful spirits come through the painting to be seen. I find the experience really incredible and it's amazing to see what comes through! 

You can join my Facebook page AURA AWARENESS and my INSTAGRAM page Richart the Aura Painter to experience the live sessions online and get involved. 

How can I purchase the art?


If you feel truly inspired by the experience and would like to own a piece of the art from one of these online FREE-SPIRIT aura painting sessions then it will become available in different formats via my online Etsy shop in due course. 

You can go to my Esty shop and ADD TO YOUR FAVOURITES  ... that way you get future updates as new products are made available. 

There will only ever be 1,000 limited prints made available of each type of format of the FREE-SPIRIT aura painting, so in due course, they will be collector's items and go up in value.  And of course, the paintings made at the moment belong to a special LOCKDOWN collection, a time that changed the world as we knew it. 

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