Need a helping hand with starting up?

Have you got a great idea of something that you'd like to create, but don't know 'how to' actually manifest it and make it into something real that you can start selling online or even offline? 

Or maybe you have creative block and need encouragement and motivation to get into action? 

I can help you! 

I've been manifesting my ideas for the past decade and making money from them to support my freedom lifestyle that feeds me, clothes me, gives me shelter and allows me to live the life that I have always wanted, doing what I love doing every day! And something I love doing is helping people to have their own freedom lifestyle as well!

It's important to be aware though, that it does take time, commitment to yourself, investment in yourself, self-beleif and a lot of passion and self-love. But I've been through some tough times to get to where I am now, and I am happy to guide you and support you through the process so it is a smoother journey for you. If you need hand-holding to get started, that OK. If you need lots of structure, that's OK. If you need lots of advice, that's OK. as long as you are committed to your dream, I'll help manifest it for you. So get in touch by booking an free Introductory session with me to get started.

Services offered

  • Strategy - Personal Business Plan for a year - to help keep focused

  • Building online courses

  • Building webstores

  • Creating ebooks

  • Podcast support / engineer


"I worked a lot with Richard and I always enjoy working with him! He has helped me with doing the structural Editing of my book, as well as recently building a website for my Coaching & Photography to help me promote my work online. 


He is very spiritual and intuitive, he made my website look very beautiful and powerful. I am very happy with it! He guides you through every aspect and listens to what you want, and he is also gives you his opinion and advice when things need to be done differently." 

—  Amber van Schendel,

Photographer & Coach, Passion Flower

Creates Aura awareness

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