Aura Painting Experience workshops 

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I am delighted to bring into your awareness the unique and original Aura Painting Experience I am offering and making available for both men and women.

It helps you to gently open up and consciously create coherence between your loving heart and your powerful mind, so you get to see and feel your Soul shine.

This coherence amplifies the powerful feelings of joy, love, compassion, and gratitude within you, so you can express it out to others and lead a more magical life full of wonder, adventure and self-discovery.

What are the benefits of becoming aware of your Aura?

  • As you become conscious of your Auric Field (Aura Bubble) and learn how to tap into it and trust what it is communicating with you and with others, then you start to get a better understanding of your surroundings and how best to communicate with the people in it.

  • By becoming conscious of your Auric Bubble, you become aware of how everything is integrated. The more you discover about your self, the more you discover about everything!

  • Being in-tune with your Aura Bubble and creating coherence between your heart and your mind enriches you with a more loving and joyous life experience, which adds immense value to your life, your friend's lives and the lives of your family. yes, you become an inspiration to others. 

Join one of my Aura Awareness workshops!

Every month I am holding a high vibrational Aura Awareness workshop at Centro Semilla in Valencia, where you can consciously experience your auric bubble and learn more about it through a group experience. 

The Aura Awareness workshop

5pm to 6pm

Euro 10 per person 

Saturday 23rd November 2019


The Aura Painting Experience is more than art, it is actually a key of life that can empower you. 


I teach you how to connect with the Quantum Field by becoming aware of your Aura and through the Aura Painting Experience you will get to know how to communicate with the Divine Matrix and manifest from your heart's desire. 

The workshop starts with a group meditation to Open the Circle and is then followed with short presentations and group activities to support with your aura awareness and learning. 


In this deep learning experience, we concentrate on the CORE OF YOUR AURA and learn how it is connected to your CHAKRAS and interconnected with the QUANTUM FIELD. You'll become aware of your AURA BUBBLE and how you can harness your Spirit energy to empower yourself. 


Each month at the AURA AWARENESS workshop we will focus on one KEY CHAKRA, starting with the ROOT CHAKRA this month. 




One lucky Soul will be picked out of the group and win a FREE Aura Painting (worth Euro 75) before we Close the Circle at the end. 


This is a very rare and high vibrational experience which will boost you with pure energy vibration and uplift your Spirit! :)  


If you haven't heard this message yet, then best to before you come to workshop: 

A Simple Message from the Core of My Being to the Core of Your Being


Thank you and looking forward to re-connecting with you. 





For the latest updates regarding workshops, events and news Aura Awareness, check out our Facebook page. 

To book your place in advance for the next Aura Awareness workshop at Centro Semilla, make you booking online using PayPal. 

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