A New Magazine for a New Reality!

So in 2020, it's finally happening folks!


Reality is shifting so much every day, that you have a simple choice. Stick with the old ways and sink, or let go of everything that no longer serves you and start rising to the top!


If you haven't heard about the 5 stages of LOSS,  then check them out and see what stage you are in! Once you reach stage 5 which is ACCEPTANCE, then you are ready to let go of all the crap, the emotional baggage that has been weighing you down and you'll immediately feel lighter. So just let go of it all and you'll elevate into a new reality.

What does this new reality look and feel like?


Well, it feels like things have slowed down. In fact, in this reality, you become a lot more present and in the moment. You lose interest in what's happening on Facebook, what other people are doing compared to you, actually you stop comparing yourself to others. You realise that that is the old way of being, comparing and competing. You have to let it go.  


Now you are more interested in creating things and being present in the flow of writing, cooking, dancing, gardening, working on yourself to evolve as a more conscious and loving human being. As well as co-creating things with other like-minded people, especially online as this is our only option these days. You are more in a receiving mode, and just giving all the time. It's nice to have people helping you and supporting you. You feel appreciated and valued.


Funny memories come flooding back into your mind as if they are real.  It can feel like there is no difference between the past, present and future as if it is all one. 


You naturally start to become more self-aware, more conscious of your actions. You start to feel that it's important to stand up for your beliefs and to defend them by getting into action.  You value your freedom. 

So how do we get to this new reality?


OK, so you have to change your way of thinking because the old way of thinking didn't support you or anyone else to thrive.


So in order to co-create this new reality you have to stop competing with each other and start collaborating with each other, you need to support each other. Also be aware, that if you want to be valued and appreciated by people for the work you can offer them, then you need to value and appreciate other people's work as well. This means that if you keep going around trying to get things for free and never pay for anything, then don't get upset when people don't want to pay for your services. Remember, what you give out is what you get back! 


You see how simple it is! So if you want to feel valued and appreciated, then pay for people's services and products, and join an online platform where you can share your services and have the opportunity to get paid when people tune into you.

So what new platform are you creating? And why?


Well, I thought it just doesn't seem fair that there are so many people who have great services to offer, people who are really talented and skilled in all types of work, and awake, but are still struggling to make money online. I think that the biggest problem is our mindset. We think that we have to give away so much of our knowledge for free, like posting your professional photos or quality video content on social media for free. When you are constantly giving your quality content away for free, then why should people really value your work by paying for it? And money is energy, so by giving it all away for free, soon your cup will also be empty and you will start to lose your drive and passion to thrive. It's Soul destroying and yes, it's been designed that way to do exactly that! 


It was during the LOCKDOWN that I found I had a lot of time just to focus and ponder about these problems. I was appalled at what was happening in the world, but once I had reached the ACCEPTANCE stage, I found that I was becoming less and less interested in what was happening in the outside world and more interested in how I could create a solution that would support people and empower people, and also make my life happier, healthier and wealthier in the process so it could be a win-win! It has to be this way, everyone has to be a winner! That's only fair.


It was then with a blinding spark of light that I discovered the solution whilst I was out walking. I've always loved creating online magazines and my most recent project was Community Spirit ezine which started in 2017 and ended in November 2019 when funding ran out and it was no longer financially viable to continue.  I believe that life is not a linear journey from A to B, but actually a cycle from A to B to A and so on. You know you are evolving when you are aware that you have come round to point A again to experience a similar situation but with different people and different circumstances. If you see the situation from a different perspective and with new opportunities you are evolving!  I realised it was now time to create my next version of an online magazine to help people evolve in this new reality. We need to support each other to grow, both spiritually and financially. The concept was born were every content provider would get great opportunities to earn an unlimited income, readers/viewers would receive high-quality content and I would receive an income by supporting content providers to grow their online businesses and an income from readers who would appreciate the value of the content. 

It will be a magazine that targets open-minded free-spirited people all around the world. People who are standing up for their beliefs and getting into action to co-create a new reality where people overcome fears to trust in the power of love. Here are some examples of the magazine I have created for my last online magazine called Community Spirit ezine. Many issues were read by over 50,000 people. 

Community Spirit 1.jpg
Community Spirit 2.png
Community Spirit 3.jpg
Community Spirit 4.jpg

So why will your new online magazine be called The Love Rebel magazine?


Well, it was a friend who said that she thought it would be a great name for the magazine as there are so many people making at a stand for freedom and love! And it's true, for the last month I've been defending my perspective on 5g, or on spirituality, or living off-grid, or being vegetarian or just being single!! I've felt so much love for myself these days because I am diving through the fear and embracing my life and when I am YouTube, I see some awesome people like Brian Rose of Real London doing the same and it is so inspiring! So I felt that if more people can see the positive things that people are doing at the moment it would support so many other people to stand up and do the same! And the name actually popped up when I was talking to another friend in Ibiza and I thought, Yes! That's it! 

I think it that many people who are waking up now and making a stand for love can identify with being a Love Rebel, so it just feels like the perfect name for the magazine. Actually it feels like destiny. I think that the Love Rebels of this world are truly inspirational in bringing in the change we all want to see! So special thanks go to Coco Bliss and Ali Gilling for inspiring me! 

So how will The Love Rebel magazine work?


Unlike my previous magazine, this time I am going to be investing funds into new powerful advanced technology on a digital online publishing platform where I can create a dynamic, interactive and professional online magazine. It will still be a high design glossy magazine format, but this time it can be easily read on any device from desktop to mobile. I will also be able to make real-time changes to it once published. It will have dynamic technology embedded into it so you can star rate articles, you can give feedback and you can register for info in the magazine. It will be easy to share on any social media platform and will include video and audio media. 

It will be the only online magazine in the world that is actively standing up for its readers and contributors encouraging them to value and love themselves by transforming their mindsets and supporting them to start manifesting successful online businesses that keep on growing. 


To encourage and inspire readers to get into action by valuing and loving themselves and make positive changes to their reality and our reality which support all of us the flourish! 


By discovering the LOVE REBEL within you, you embrace life, you step out of your comfort zone, you start loving yourself, you start to value yourself so much that you stand up for what you believe in and become happy, healthy and wealthy!

Core Values: 

Are based on FREEDOM, TRUST and LOVE


Supporting Each Other is the Key to Our Success!

Each Content Contributor will get a space in the magazine to share an image of the online product or service which they are selling and it will be hyper-linked to it, they will have 50 words to explain their online service or products and will also have another 25 words for their Bio and have a space for a profile image.  There will be up to about 35 other Content Contributors in each issue of the magazine, each one will be offering a unique service or product. 


To help with the promotions, we kindly ask that every Content Contributor shares the complete magazine or their page info in their own networks on social media or by direct mail, by using the share option in the magazine. 

So what the Benefits of using the Love Rebel magazine to promote your business? 

The simple answer is that you will be included in the world's first new online magazine that is committed to supporting you to transform your mindset into a winning success mindset, so you can be happier, healthier and wealthier! 

The Benefits:  

  • When you shift your Mindset to one of valuing yourself, you allow yourself to receive abundance.

  • When you start working with other people who are into collaborating and supporting each other, you will experience exponential growth with your business. 

  • When people pay for your work online, then they will appreciate you and respect you offline as well.

  • The more you value your work by adding a price to it for any content you share online, e.g. photos, videos, articles, etc, the more likely people start paying for your other products or services online. 

  • You will be included in a high quality designed online magazine with hundreds of other mentors, coaches, trainers, healers, teachers, designers, creatives, engineers and inspirational people. 

  • The magazine will be produced once a month, so if you want to be in every issue, then you can and it will be a great way to build your reputation. 

  • Your fee for being included in each issue of the magazine will be fixed, although your earning potential is unlimited. 

  • Everyone who is a first mover and invests in the first issue will get a free placement for the second issue! 

Next Steps... 

This project is currently in the start-up phase, so if you want to get a DEMO of how it will look and what the prices are for Content Contributors to showcase their work in the magazine, then register for free using this link:

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