Have you ever wondered...

✔️ Why do some people get easily distracted and others can stay focused?
✔️ Why do some people live in fear and others live in love?
✔️ Why do some people know what will happen before it happens?
✔️ Why are some people inspirational and others not?
✔️ And why do some people feel amazing to be around and others you never want to speak to again?

Your Aura is Real, during this 31 lessons online course, I share with you important knowledge and experience I have gained first-hand from painting thousands of people's radiant auras over the last 10 years. Painting people's auras have been my way to help people to see and feel that the love they are seeking from someone else to make them feel whole and complete, is actually within themselves. So during this online course, I guide you to become the key, so you can unlock your inner doorways to discover:

- Inner anchoring & grounding
- Inner joy
- Inner pleasure
- Inner power
- Inner peace
- Inner love
- Inner vision
- Inner bliss
- Enlightenment

The Aura Awareness Path
This is a 4 Module online course that teaches you how to Become the Key & Unlock Your Power.

I'll teach you in a light-hearted and fun way what your Aura is, how to fill it full of love, teach you about synchronicity, teach you about colours and their meanings. I'll explain how it is connected to your chakra system in your body and what this system does? And I'll share with you the missing links so you can understand how everything is connected, or I should say 'interconnected'. It's time to stop going around in circles and learn how to keep grounded and start spiralling into the higher dimensions so you can Become the Key & Unlock Your Power.

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And if you want to go the extra mile, then soon I'll be releasing a free online course that gives support and guidance on how you can also develop your own freedom lifestyle business from doing what you love doing and are passionate about! 


This free online course will be based on my own experiences of living my own freedom lifestyle and making a living from my Aura Painting over the last 10 years. The course will be called, 'Learn How to Shift to a Freedom Lifestyle Business'.  As you become more aware of your Aura, so you become more empowered as a creator.

TO REGISTER the next online course so you can learn how to SHIFT to a Freedom Lifestyle Business. 

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